Our vision

Just as digitalisation and internet have become part of our lives, cybercrime is now an inevitable fact of life. Organisations try to protect themselves from internal and external threats with virus scanners, firewalls, awareness training and complex authentication processes. All in vain.

Many organisations think they’ve got their digital security sorted. Yet most of them have already been affected by some form of cybercrime. Often without even noticing.

How have you organised your cybersecurity?

Are you one hundred percent certain that your organisation can withstand a cyberattack or data breach and that you will be able to continue with business as usual?

Until now cybersecurity has always been structured as a patchwork of partial solutions. We believe this is pointless. Automation and digitalisation in Operational Technology (OT), Information Technology (IT) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are constantly evolving. And cybercriminals are always one step ahead of the game.

“We don’t claim to know best, 
but we do claim to do things better.”

– Johan ten Houten, CTO –

Many businesses have already commissioned a cybersecurity audit and status report in response to the increasing risks they face. But it’s the next step – implementing effective measures – which can prove difficult to actually take. Tesorion is the first service provider in the Netherlands to change that for good.

“The only way to truly master cybercrime is to stay alert and combine continuous monitoring with an automated response.”

– Johan ten Houten, CTO –

This is why it’s time for a new vision on cybersecurity. It’s time for Tesorion.
A new total solution for cybersecurity, customised to meet your needs and managed with:

  • 100% focus on management and continuity for your organisation
  • A unique approach: we analyse your digital landscape, build a secure environment, then manage and secure it with our own proprietary software
  • Active monitoring of end-user behaviour, systems and data
  • Immediate focused action based on risk analysis of automated indicators
  • Proprietary software developed by the leading cybersecurity engineers in the Netherlands