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It’s time for a new vision on cybersecurity. It’s time for Tesorion.
A new total solution for cybersecurity, customised to meet your needs and managed with:

  • 100% focus on management and continuity for your organisation
  • A unique approach: we analyse your digital landscape, build a secure environment, then manage and secure it with our own proprietary software
  • Active monitoring of end-user behaviour, systems and data
  • Immediate focused action based on risk analysis of automated indicators
  • Proprietary software developed by the leading cybersecurity engineers in the Netherlands

Every organisation, regardless of its size, will be affected by cybercrime sooner or later. The threat landscape is constantly evolving. In the best case scenario you will be aware of it. In the worst case, a third party will take over your business data or systems without you even realising …

The digital world is complex and dynamic
The success of your business depends on exchanging huge amounts of data on multiple systems and devices with external parties, mobile workers and office based employees. Data is hosted either on premise or in a private or public cloud. Digitalisation dictates that these elements will constantly change.

Put an end to uncertainty
Managers in the profit and non-profit sectors now realise that cybercrime is making their organisations vulnerable. And that leads to uncertainties and questions such as: is our security keeping pace with the ever-increasing threat? And if something happens, how can we keep control? Does our current cybersecurity system guarantee that our organisation will still be able to function if we have a cyber problem?

Tesorion puts an end to that uncertainty.

Our vision on cybersecurity
Since the early days of the internet, cybersecurity methods have focused on protecting separate systems and devices. But rapid automation and the digitalisation of systems and processes means that this is now a pointless and costly solution that may not even be safe.

Our comprehensive vision on cybersecurity is all about managing your business and its continuity; it’s about protecting your key digital assets, preventing damage to your reputation and protecting your competitive position. In every situation and with no unexpected costs.

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